We offer a variety of chiropractic and rehabilitation therapies for the entire family


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a safe and natural approach to health care that focuses on restoring proper motion to joints that become fixated or "stuck" due to injury or other dysfunction. By gently manipulating (called adjusting) joints of the spine and extremities (wrists, elbows, knees, etc), the chiropractor is able to restore normal joint movement and increase the joint's range of motion, thereby relaxing muscles and relieving pain.


Supportive & Rehabilitation Therapies

Where applicable, we may also treat your condition with Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Active Stretching, Head Weighting, Cervical or Lumbar traction, Intersegmental Traction, and Neuromuscular Training. When the body is injured, either accidentally such as a car wreck or a slip and fall, or through repetitive motion such as using a typing or using a computer, it will react with increased muscle tension, spasms, and inflammation. Scar tissue is created, causing muscle layers to stick together and lose their flexibility. This diminishes the range of motion while increasing pain, weakness, and other symptoms. Soon, other muscles begin to compensate thereby over-stressing them. Over time, the body "learns" that this dysfunction is normal. Neuromuscular training helps the body to "unlearn" dysfunction by strengthening and stretching affected muscles.


Custom Insole Arch Support

Custom orthotics are specially-created foot supports that are custom molded to your foot to correct anatomical anomalies. They do more than simply “support” your feet. They actually realign them to a natural or “neutral” position to relieve foot, leg and back stress, increase endurance, restore critical balance, improve sports performance, alleviate foot fatigue and prevent a wide range of foot problems including: IT Band Syndrome (Runner's Knees), Back Pain, Hip Pain, Shin Splints, Morton's Neuroma, Big Toe Arthritis, Hammer Toes, Metatarsalgia, Bunions, and Plantar Fasciitis.


Sports Physicals & Other Services

Our doctors are trained and certified to perform student athlete pre-participation sports physicals. We can examine individuals or entire teams.

We also provide on-site X-ray, Activator Treatment, pediatric chiropractic care, injury rehabilitation, and posture correction.


Exercise & Nutritional Counseling

For many injuries, an important part of recovery is participation in a home stretching and strengthening program. We provide individualized home exercise plans to assist in your recovery and help you to maintain your pain-free status. Patients who actively participate in their recovery and care at home get well quicker and stay well longer. In addition, we also create custom nutrition plans to help with dietary concerns.