McLain’s Bakery

We’d like to give a shout out to one of our favorite places to eat in Kansas City, McLain’s Bakery. McLain’s was established in 1945, and now has 2 locations, one at 435 and Roe in Leawood and one at Gregory and Grand Ave, in Kansas City. We frequent both spots, and find them to be equally tasty, each with it’s own unique, enjoyable atmosphere.

Each location serves a small menu of FRESH and HEALTHY real foods, for breakfast or lunch. They also have lots of FRESH, maybe not so healthy desserts. Some of our favorites are the Michi breakfast burrito or breakfast bowl, the Farm sandwich, berry smoothie, breve mocha, and almond cheese pocket.

If you try them out, let them know we sent you. They have no idea who we are, but maybe if enough people tell them we sent you, they’ll give us a free cupcake or something 😉 Can’t hurt, right?!

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